Helder’s practice is focused on the formation and operation of private equity firms. His track record of several dozen fund formation projects ranges from small early-stage venture capital firms to large buyout funds. Helder also regularly provides advice to selected institutional and private investors with regard to their limited-partner investments in private-equity and venture capital funds. 

Helder frequently publishes on matters of international taxation and on fund-related issues. He is also a guest lecturer at Germany’s Federal Academy of Finance. He is a co-founder of the well-established Berlin Tax Talks (Berliner Steuergespräche), the Hamburg Fund Talks (Hamburger Fondsgespräche) and the Hamburg Tax Dialogue (Hamburger Steuerdialog). 

In this year's The Best Lawyers® in Germany edition the US publishing house in cooperation with business daily Handelsblatt® commend Helder as one of Germany's best lawyers for private funds, tax,- and venture capital law.

Education and Career

Helder studied law in Münster, Cologne and Manchester (UK). Before co-founding SMP, he was a Partner at Flick Gocke Schaumburg.


Helder’s recent work highlights include advising:

  • on the formation of its fifth venture capital fund generation (in Germany and the US) and its first three venture capital growth funds
  • Project A Ventures on the formation of its second venture capital fund generation and its first venture capital growth fund
  • Cherry Ventures on the formation of its second venture capital fund generation
  • Blue Yard / BY Capital on the formation of their first international venture capital fund generation (with predominantly US investors)
  • Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners: ongoing advice on tax and regulatory issues
  • Triton on tax- and structuring-related issues
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